Why Is It Called Healing Prayer?

“Why is it called Healing Prayer?” That’s the First Question I’m Asked After I Say I Don’t Believe Healing is What Occurs.

First, Healing Prayer is not some Christianized incantation or a recitation of mystical words. It’s not chanting. It’s not a mantra. “Enlightenment” is not the goal, nor is “healing,” and the act of Healing Prayer itself does not have healing power.

As to the title, “Healing Prayer,” it did not originate with me. I’m not certain who coined the term, but I think it is important to clarify, “healing” within the title.

I use “Healing Prayer” to describe the process because the term is one that has permeated our culture. Yet, I don’t believe it is actually healing that takes place. At least not in the sense of how we think about repairing a broken leg.

From the Healing Prayer event the person feels relief. I believe that relief is actually Biblical peace and the result of repentance. In our modern culture that sensation of relief has somehow been translated into “healing.”

Don Mondell, CCLC

We must keep in mind that the goal of Healing Prayer is not to simply feel better, but for the broken Christian to accept & abide by the truth of Scripture. Peace is a reward for such obedience.

Yet, I can only guess that Healing Prayer is called such because practitioners believe it is a process of praying for healing. I suppose Healing Prayer could just as easily be called, Prayer for Healing.

The act of Healing Prayer and any form of prayer is a declaration of submission and dependence upon God for his resolve to the need of a suffering Christian.

If we must label the process something other than prayer & repentance, perhaps “Peace Prayer” would be an option. I suppose the trouble with that title is it would quickly be associated with the Peace Movement, Peace Symbol, Hippies or somebody’s political agenda. “Truth Prayer” may be more appropriate. Yet, I doubt as many people would seek the process, because “truth” does not sound as inviting as, “healing.”


Healing Prayer is not magical, mystical or some type of incantation. I opt to use the term, “Healing Prayer” only because it is deeply embedded in our modern culture. To be clear, I do not hold that Healing Prayer is the same as the other processes I discuss here.

Also, I don’t believe healing is what occurs during Healing Prayer. I do think I know how the process got the title of Healing Prayer.

Broken Christians have a deep sense of relief after a successful Healing Prayer session and that sense of relief is Biblical peace, not “healing.” The peace is actually issued because the broken Christian responded Biblically appropriate once it became apparent they have believed a lie. That is to say, they accepted the Biblical truth and repented; that creates peace in one’s soul.

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