Why Does Healing Prayer Work?

“Why does Healing Prayer work?” This is a common question; especially when the term “Healing Prayer” cannot be found within the original Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic texts of the Old & New Testament.

The answer for “Why Does Healing Prayer Work?” is a sum of four different factors. To ensure the greatest likelihood of successful Healing Prayer, both the Healing Prayer minister and the Healing Prayer candidate should understand these four factors.

The four factors why Healing Prayer works are:

1) Healing Prayer is a gesture of obedience to sacred Scripture.

2) Healing Prayer creates a safe environment for a broken Christian to deal with painful issues without the fear of being belittled or excommunicated.

3) Healing Prayer helps the broken Christian realize the Biblically-incorrect thinking that has ultimately led to their present suffering. God compassionately brings this awareness. The effect is akin to the same agency at work in a person when Biblical truth is first realized through Bible reading, listening or studying.

4) Healing Prayer works because it is God himself at work.

What does it mean, “God himself at work?”

When I say, “God himself” I mean supernatural. I admit that I hesitate to use the word, “supernatural.” I hesitate to say, “supernatural” because we live in a time when if something isn’t scientific it’s often viewed as invalid. To those who believe that God no longer does supernatural acts, I will not argue with you.

However I would like to pose some questions for consideration.

Is Healing Prayer a Miracle?

Healing Prayer is sometimes thought of as some form of miracle.

I don’t believe what occurs during Healing Prayer is a miracle, such as: raising the dead, restoring eyesight to the blind, granting hearing to the deaf, etc. Nor do I believe what occurs during Healing Prayer is actually “healing.”

Don Mondell, CCLC

I do not believe that during Healing Prayer a “healing” occurs of one’s soul, conscience or mind.

Likewise, I don’t believe that memories must be “healed.”

I do believe what occurs during Healing Prayer is first the revelation of a lie that a person has believed. Next, the awareness of the Biblical truth that will overcome that lie is made clear. Finally, if the broken Christian chooses to be obedient to that truth, they will experience peace as they have not previously known.

Don Mondell, CCLC

People receiving Healing Prayer often do feel as if they encountered a miracle. They respond this way emotionally due to the relief of Biblical peace that floods their soul.

The relief or freedom they sense is overwhelming because it suddenly drives out what seems to be ancient years of suffering most broken Christians have experienced.

The simplicity of this event is the Living God has embraced them and his love & truth convinced them. They then responded with obedience.


In summary, why Healing Prayer works is because….

1) A lie that has been believed is revealed

2) Biblical truth that counters that lie is presented

3) The person believes the truth, responds Biblically appropriate to the truth, and so—they are set freeDoes that sound familiar?

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