Who Needs Healing Prayer?

Troubled Christians Will Benefit from Biblical Counseling; But There Are Certain Christians Who Benefit Most with Healing Prayer

Healing Prayer candidates are Christians who want to please God and continue to try; yet they continue to struggle with any or all of these symptoms: addictions, anxiety, anger, depression, perfectionism, low self-esteem, and/or difficulty with authority figures.

Who needs Healing Prayer may be Christians who have:

  • submitted to the Biblical instruction from mature Christian leadership, and…

  • tried to follow the commands of Scripture, and…

  • tried to overcome their problem, and…

  • not been able to resolve their issues

For those believers, the source of their issue may be a lie that they have believed and acted upon, yet they still do not see it. For them, the assistance of a Healing Prayer minister may be needed.

Healing Prayer candidates do not understand the true cause of their mental anguish and usually have additional issues related to their anguish. For a more complete description, please see my article here

Those Christians who have not resolved their issues through traditional Biblical Counseling are usually candidates for Healing Prayer. They may have had experience with a pastor, church leader or Christian counselor but still, they are unable to overcome their issue(s).

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Most Healing Prayer candidates have been Christians for a long time and most likely have a history of church attendance, prayer, Bible reading & study, yet still are unable to resolve their addictions, anxiety, anger, depression, perfectionism or difficulties with authority figures.

It may surprise some people to know that it’s not just the average churchgoer who is a candidate for Healing Prayer; I have confidentially helped elders, teachers, pastors, and other church leaders through Healing Prayer, as well.


As effective as Healing Prayer is, it is not the right solution for every Christian.

For Christians who have not tried to overcome their problem by following a path of discipleship, that is to say, obeying the instruction of Scripture and direction from mature Christian leadership, Biblical Counseling is the proper path.

For those on a discipleship track and have not found resolve through Biblical Counseling, Healing Prayer is most likely the correct approach.

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