About Me

Donald "Don" Mondell, CCLC is a Board Certified Christian Life Recovery Coach and Christian Counselor.

Hi, I’m Don Mondell. I’m an advocate for victims of abuse. I’m also a husband, father of four, and Christian of 40+ years. I hold certifications in PTSD, complex trauma, stress assessment & treatment, sexual abuse, advanced certification in DISC personality assessment, and am board-certified in health & wellness coaching. I have over 30 years of experience in life recovery for anxiety, addictions, anger, depression, perfectionism & low self-esteem. My additional credentials include advanced certification in spiritual gifts assessment & training, men’s drug rehabilitation residency program instructor, and founder & former president of SoulCare Research.

Mission Focus

My mission is to adult Christians who suffered abuse as a child, and have not yet resolved their issues; I call them broken Christians. It is my passion to see them become whole and finally experience the Father’s love, Son’s redemption, and Spirit’s power to discover God’s purpose for their life.

Broken Christian is a term I coined. It describes an adult Christian, who due to the unresolved past trauma of abuse, now struggles with addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or perfectionism. Many are also prone to relationship failures and problems with authority figures.

In most cases, the issues with which they struggle are related to verbal, physical or sexual abuse they suffered as a child.

Some were raised in a home with a drug addict or alcoholic parent. Some suffered abandonment, neglect or divorce.

Still, others may have grown up in a harsh, overbearing or militaristic household.

Most often adults who experienced any of the childhood conditions I described, also struggle with one or more of the symptoms I mentioned, i.e. anger, low self-esteem, etc.

One overarching fact is — very few understand why they struggle as they do.

What they do know is: 1) they want to get past their issues, and 2) they have tried & failed many times. I am grateful to have been able to help many broken Christians finally find their peace, passion & purpose.

Mission Process

To accomplish my mission to broken Christians, I have developed a process that I call soulSTEPS.

soulSTEPS are three steps that a broken Christian will take to finally find peace, passion & purpose.

soulSTEP 1 is soulHOPE — Peace for My Soul

soulSTEP 2 is soulFOCUS — Passion for My God

soulSTEP 3 is soulPURPOSE — Purpose for My Life

Mission Philosophy

For more than 35 years, I have studied sacred scripture, theology, biblical counseling, and mentorship. I base my mission upon that foundation. Thus, I believe the Bible holds solutions to our greatest needs.

I also believe that researchers & practitioners have succeeded in understanding a great deal of how the mind works; we call this Psychology.

Psychology has some insights into humans that also align with Scripture and some that do not.

I also believe that Psychology has devised some diagnostic instruments that can be helpful, as well.

Though I believe that Psychology has some valuable insights, instruments & processes, I do not operate from a humanistic worldview.

My worldview includes: Theology Proper, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Biblical Psychology, Human Psychology, Human Physical Health

  • Theology Proper is the study of God, Himself. It focuses on knowing what we can know about God as revealed in sacred Scripture and in His creation.

  • Systematic Theology summarizes the Bible, Church history, nature, and Christian philosophy into a Biblical worldview about a topic.

  • Practical Theology is the core beliefs that drive behavior to accomplish God’s purposes in human life.

  • Biblical Psychology is understanding that the doctrines of salvation and sanctification do not operate solely in a physical, tangible, bodily sense. They are unavoidably psychological, and nonetheless theological.

  • Human Psychology (man-discovered truth) is what we developed in understanding our inner human nature. I believe portions of Psychology are in agreement with sacred Scripture.

  • Human Physical Health (man-discovered truth) is of use because God created us integrated beings; what affects the body may affect the mind and vice versa.

In my mission to broken Christians, I use a combination of Scriptural truth along with well-known man-discovered truth.

When I say, “man-discovered truth,” I mean documented facts regarding the brain & body sciences, such as personality, emotion, intellect, sleep, nutrition, exercise & human health.

I always suggest a person consults their professional healthcare provider when we are discussing the health of their body & mind.


Private Mentoring: 10+ years
In-office & DonMondell.com

Founder/President: 5+ years
SoulCare Research

Staff – Counseling & Ministries Management: 15+ years
Harvest Temple, Largo FL., Covenant Community Ministries, Ft. Myers, FL., New Hope Church, Kodak, TN.

Instructor/Counselor: 2 years
Mercy House, Men’s Rehab, Sevierville, TN


Unlike the traditional classroom lecture & exam process, I received more than 20 years of rabbinic style education & mentorship with studies & practice in pastoral counseling, bible & theology, and ministry management under the direction of professional ministers, counselors, and professors. I am especially indebted to:

  • Rev. Thomas D. Sterbens
  • Rev. Steven L. Rogers
  • Dr. Dale Denham, Ph.D.
  • Dr. J.R. Buskey, Ph.D.
  • Dr. David A. Seamands


  • PTSD, Complex Trauma & Stress Assessment, Treatment: Laurel Shaler, Ph.D. & Heather Davediuk Gingrich, Ph.D.

  • Sexual Abuse: Diane Langberg, Ph.D., Shannon Ethridge, M.A., Heather Gingrich, Ph.D.
  • Biblical Foundation for Wellness: Tim Clinton, Ed.D., and Judi Quilici-Timmcke, Ph.D.

  • Health Wellness Assessment: Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.

  • Nutrition: Judi Quilici-Timmcke, Ph.D

  • Physical Fitness: Judi Quilici-Timmcke, Ph.D

  • Psychology of Weight Management: Linda Mintle, Ph.D

  • Stress: Archibald Hart, Ph.D., and Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.

  • Sleep: Archibald Hart, Ph.D.

  • Brain Health: Daniel Amen, MD

  • Pain: Marian Eberly, Ph.D.

  • Men’s Health: David Murphy, Ph.D.

  • Women’s Health: Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D., Linda Mintle, Ph.D., Georgia Shaffer, M.A., Jennifer Cisney, M.A.

  • Health Coaching: Lynda Clements, Jennifer Cisney, M.A.
  • Old Testament Survey: Moody Bible Institute, multiple professors

  • Old & New Testament Survey: Dr. R.C. Sproul, Ph.D.

  • New Testament Structure & Story: Dr. Lynn Cohick, Ph.D.

  • Theology Proper & Christian Philosophy: Dr. R.C. Sproul, Ph.D.

  • Pastoral Counseling Foundations & Practices: Dr. C. Gary Barnes, Ph.D.

  • Biblical Soul Care: Dr. Tim Clinton, Ph.D.

  • Pastoral Counseling: Dr. J.R. Buskey, Ph.D.

  • Caring for People God’s Way: Dr. Tim Clinton, Ph.D.

  • Human Behavior & Personality Temperaments: Dr. Mels Carbonell, Ph.D.

  • DISC Personality Assessment Proficiency: Dr. Mels Carbonell, Ph.D.

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment: Dr. Mels Carbonell, Ph.D.

  • Personality & Spiritual Gifts Theory: Dr. Mels Carbonell, Ph.D.

  • Breaking Free: AACC, multiple instructors

  • Addiction & Recovery: AACC, multiple instructors

  • Stress & Trauma Care: AACC, multiple instructors

  • Health, Wellness & Nutrition: AACC, multiple instructors

  • Marriage Works: AACC, multiple instructors

  • Emotional Damage & Healing: Dr. David Seamands

  • Healing Prayer: Dr. J.R. Buskey, Ph.D.

  • Transformation Prayer: Dr. Ed Smith, Ph.D.


  • PTSD, Complex Trauma & Stress Assessment, Treatment

  • Sexual Abuse

  • DISC Personality Assessment: Advanced Certification, Uniquely You Organization

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment: Advanced Certification, Uniquely You Organization

  • Human Behavior Consultant: Advanced Certification, Uniquely You Organization

  • Christian Health & Wellness Life Coach: Board Certified, American Association of Christian Counselors, International Board for Christian Care, International Christian Coaching Association


  • Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC)

  • American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

  • Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC)

  • Christian Counseling Education Foundation (CCEF)

  • Uniquely You Organization

Denomination Experience

  • Roman Catholic

  • Christian Missionary & Alliance

  • Church of God

  • Assemblies of God

  • Reformed

  • Presbyterian

  • Non-denominational

Spiritual Gifts

  • Wisdom

  • Knowledge

  • Discernment

  • Exhortation

  • Teaching

  • Leadership

  • Administration

Additional Experience

I was raised in a family business and later achieved my diploma in Marketing Communications from Ashworth College. I have also been a husband & father for 40+ years. In my early years, we had a large family that I could not support with a typical ministry salary alone. Thus, like many small-church pastors, I functioned as a bi-vocational minister for many years. Along with ministry, I worked in the private sector as the Director of Communications & Marketing for a construction firm. I also served in government overseeing public relations as a Public Information Specialist. Later in life, I added additional training to focus my experience & knowledge to become an advocate for victims of abuse.

Projects (in development)

AUTHOR – BOOKS: Upcoming book trilogy designed to help broken Christians, 1) lose the pain of their past, 2) find the love of their God, and 3) plan the path of their future.

  • soulHOPE – Lose the Pain of My Past & Find Peace at Last – Help for Christians Affected by Alcoholics, Addicts or Abusers

  • soulFOCUS – Experience Anew God’s Love for You

  • soulPURPOSE – Why On Earth Am I Here?


  • Why On Earth Am I Here?

  • Godly ApPARENT

  • 90-Minute Marriage Tune-up

  • encourageMENTORS

  • H.A.B.I.T.


  • MARRIED: one wife, 40+ years

  • CHILDREN: one adult daughter, three adult sons, two daughters-in-law

  • GRANDCHILDREN: one granddaughter, two grandsons

  • MASCOT: Elly (Bengal/Domestic Feline)


  • AGE: 60+

  • HOBBIES: Writing, Reading, Photography, Music, A/V Production, Technology, Film

  • FAVORITES: Beach, Caribbean Cruises, Forests, Laughing


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Don Mondell’s Testimony