Who Does NOT Need Healing Prayer?

“Who does not need Healing Prayer?” This is an important question because it’s incorrect to assume every Christian with ongoing issues also NEEDS Healing Prayer.

Once people observe or personally experience success with Healing Prayer, it’s easy for them to assume every Christian with a problem is a candidate for Healing Prayer. While their conclusion is understandable, it is also wrong.

That said, I want to first make clear that Healing Prayer is not a “silver bullet” cure for failing to practice Christian disciplines. To help you avoid that pitfall, please understand that…

  • Healing Prayer does not replace the need for personal discipline, i.e. sleep, exercise, diet, etc.

  • Healing Prayer does not replace the need for community & relationships

  • Healing Prayer does not replace the need for accountability

  • Healing Prayer does not replace the need to be informed by & through scripture

  • Healing Prayer does not replace the need to conform our lives to scripture

It is still true that many troubled Christians simply need to apply faith and adhere to the Bible. Their core problem is either ignorance or disobedience to sacred Scripture. Regardless of ignorance or disobedience, the result is the same; they now suffer the consequences and the consequences get labeled as “issues” or “problems.”

Some Christians have issues because they do not know what the Bible says about those issues or they do know and they choose to ignore the instruction of Scripture.

Don Mondell, CCLC

An Experience why some Christians do NOT need Healing Prayer

I was a student in an extensive Healing Prayer training program. In my opinion, their approach to the Healing Prayer process was sound. What I don’t think was sound was their belief that any Christian with a problem needed Healing Prayer (they called it Inner Healing).

The instructors tried to put every Christian in attendance through the Healing Prayer process. Certain people with valid issues had no “cleansing,” “renewing,” or otherwise spiritual experience whatsoever.

My suspicion of what was at fault was the belief: everybody with a problem needs Healing Prayer. Further investigation verified my suspicion.

I had the opportunity to interview the people who had an unsuccessful Healing Prayer experience. The reality was that these people were not on a track of discipleship. In other words, they may have been saved, but they were not obedient to Scripture in regard to their issues.

This group of people did not need Healing Prayer. They needed Biblical Counseling to correct their thinking & compel their effort to change their living.

Unfortunately, the instructors then did what I discuss more fully in my article: How I Learned About Healing Prayer.

The instructors blamed themselves or the person in need. That is tragic because both groups had to suffer. The instructors saw themselves as failures and the people did not receive proper guidance.


People who have either personally experienced or witnessed Healing Prayer will often assume any Christian with a problem needs Healing Prayer. That assumption is incorrect; it is also dangerous because it can prevent a troubled Christian from pursuing the remedy they actually need. That remedy is Biblical Counseling. Their exposure to Biblical Counseling should: 1) inform them of their errors, 2) provide a Biblically sound directive for changing their error, and 3) offer encouragement to continue on their journey toward wholeness in spirit, mind & body. Healing Prayer is not for every troubled Christian.

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