Healing Prayer is a form of meditative prayer effective in helping a broken Christian who may struggle with addictions, anxiety, anger, depression, perfectionism or low-self esteem.


The process is led by a trained minister who uses the Bible to guide the practice and evaluate results.


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Healing Prayer Facts


  • Some Christians are broken; they struggle with addictions, anxiety, anger, depression, perfectionism, low self-esteem and/or authority figures. All of which negatively affects their marriage, as well.


  • Most broken Christians attend church and may read the Bible, pray & visit Christian groups & gatherings. 


  • Many broken Christians never mention their issues to friends, family or non-professionals because they are ashamed or frightened of what other Christians will think of them.


  • Many broken Christians seek help from a pastor or counselor and still cannot overcome their issues.


  • Most broken Christians can be helped with Healing Prayer.

Don Mondell at www.DonMondell.comDon Mondell helps broken Christians who struggle with addictions | anxiety | anger | depression | perfectionism | low self-esteem | marriage and/or difficulty with authority figures. Many times those issues are related to childhood events such as verbal abuse | physical abuse | sexual abuse | parent abandonment, neglect, divorce or living with an alcoholic or drug addict. Don has been a Christian pastoral counselor, coach & healing prayer practitioner for 30+ years. He has served as a men's rehab instructor and is the founder of SoulCare Research. | More About Don | FREE Book