Is Theophostic, Sozo or Inner Healing the Same as Healing Prayer?

Healing Prayer is not the same as Inner Healing, Theophostic Prayer, Sozo Prayer, Deliverance Prayer or Healing for Damaged Emotions.

Healing Prayer is not new. To my knowledge, some concept of Healing Prayer has been in the public conscience since the 1950’s when the “Inner Healing” movement began.

NOTE: My use of the title, Healing Prayer, does not mean that what I practice is the same as Inner Healing, Sozo Prayer, Theophostic Prayer, nor many of the other processes with similar names.

Common Beliefs Amongst Practitioners

Proponents of Theophostic Prayer, Sozo Prayer, Inner Healing, and other similar processes may believe & practice that for a broken Christian to be “healed”…

  • Many sessions are often necessary

  • “Visiting” many memories is probable

  • “Going back” to the womb of one’s mother can be necessary

  • Practitioners can suggest a broken Christian visualize certain things

  • Memories must be healed

  • Any Christian with a problem is a candidate for the process

  • Repentance isn’t necessary; Jesus only needs to reveal the truth about a memory

I do not agree with or practice those beliefs.

Also, some people believe that the only way a broken Christian can be “healed” is the broken Christian must go through their “brand” or style of the process (Sozo, Theophostic, Inner Healing, etc.). They equally believe that the broken Christian cannot be “healed” unless they experience the process with a trained practitioner.

I do not agree with or practice those beliefs.

Is a Facilitator Always Necessary?

I believe that a broken Christian can receive all they need from God without the aid of a Healing Prayer practitioner. If they accept the truth of Scripture, repent as needed, and live accordingly to the Word of God, they will overcome their issues.

It’s possible for a broken Christian to experience Healing Prayer without outside assistance. If they understand the process and use the Bible to evaluate all that they experience, they can indeed achieve a Biblical resolve to their issues.

That said, most people find working with a trained Healing Prayer minister easier than going at it alone.

How Do Some Broken Christians Get “Fixed” Without Healing Prayer?

There are some broken Christians who find their way to a true Biblical resolve without ever working with a practitioner of Healing Prayer. They usually aren’t aware of the process or “pattern” they engaged per se. Yet, they can point to a time when God communicated to them in such a way that they became clear about a lie they have believed. They were then aware of the Biblical truth that countered that lie. They accepted that truth and repented for believing the lie.

That said, there is a definite pattern of prayer & meditation employed in Healing Prayer. The use of that pattern simply makes the entire process more expedient.

Don Mondell, CCLC

The pattern may have eluded a Christian for much of their life, yet they still have prayed throughout the years. This is not a suggestion that the “pattern” is some kind of hidden, magical process known only to a select few.

Not knowing the “pattern” is akin to not yet being aware of any certain information within the Bible. We may have to study to find it, but the information is present within Scripture.

Still, it is possible for any Christian, while alone, to seek the Lord with extended, focused prayer & meditation and arrive at the same Biblical resolve they would experience with a Healing Prayer minister.

NOTE: I am not saying that the fellowship of the saints or the confession of sin or prayer for and with one another should be avoided. I mean that it is possible to look at Healing Prayer in the same way that we, at times, pray alone. There is not a Biblical mandate that we must always pray with other people.

Also, I believe that if a Christian will be consistent in their pursuit of God (no backsliding) via prayer, Bible reading, and obedience to Scripture, eventually the Holy Spirit will lead them to the proper Biblical resolve. Thus, Healing Prayer is unnecessary. Granted, in my experience, those are rare individuals. They’re rare because that level of commitment is not common. In counseling, when I have encountered such devoted & disciplined Christians, they have also benefitted from Healing Prayer.


Healing Prayer is not the same as Inner Healing, Theophostic Prayer, Sozo Prayer, Deliverance Prayer, Healing for Damaged Emotions or other similar techniques.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that Healing Prayer does not agree with the idea that memories must be healed. Nor does Healing Prayer agree that Jesus only needs to enter a person’s memory and show them the truth in regard to a lie they have believed.

How Healing Prayer works in its simplest form is:

  • A lie must be exposed

  • Biblical truth that opposes the lie must be presented

  • The Biblical truth must be believed & acted upon

Finally, though the term, “healing” occurs within the title of Healing Prayer, actual healing does not take place.

The sensation of relief that typically fills a person at the conclusion of successful Healing Prayer is what I believe to be Biblical peace, joy & hope. That result is due to the act of placing trust in God.

Trust says I believe God. I put my trust in Him and demonstrate that by doing what He says. God tells us in the Bible that we must forgive; that can be difficult and we can remain resistant. Yet, when we do forgive, we are, in effect, placing our trust in God instead of ourselves. That trust results in peace, joy & hope.

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope.” – Romans 15:13 NLT

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