Is Healing Prayer Biblical?

To the question, “Is Healing Prayer Biblical?” I offer a three-part answer.

The following is my three-part answer to the question, Is Healing Prayer Biblical? Part One is Processes. Part Two follows with Critics. Part Three concludes with Resources.

Is Healing Prayer Biblical? PART 1: PROCESSES

There are many unbiblical, purely psychological, and damaging approaches to what I call Healing Prayer. As to my approach, I do not practice what is called Visualization, nor Regression Therapy, nor Psychotherapy.

Recalling something in the past, then realizing sin has been at work, then renouncing the sin, then repenting from the sin—is not the same thing as reliving the past.

There are also many names for this ministry that seem to represent the same form of ministry, such as Sozo Prayer, Theophostic Prayer, Prayer for Damaged Emotions, Healing for Damaged Emotions, Deliverance, Deliverance Ministry, Deliverance Prayer, Prayer for Deliverance, Healing Prayer, etc.

You can label what I practice as you please, but essentially, we pray for a person to fully realize what has been unbiblical in their past & present, and then for a changed mind and the repentance that is needed.

Also, I do not offer Healing Prayer to non-believers. After more than 40 years of being a Christian & student of Scripture, plus more than 30 years of Biblical Counseling practice, I am certain I am able to determine if the person before me is a believer. If they are not, I attempt to lead them to Christ.

Is Healing Prayer Biblical? PART 2: CRITICS

There are critics who believe the greatest problem is Healing Prayer candidates simply do not believe the truth of Scripture. Thus, they are not a true Christian. Critics then surmise that Healing Prayer amounts to helping people feel better about themselves while remaining in their sin. That is not what I practice.

My observation of critic’s arguments in regard to Healing Prayer (or some distant form of the process under another name) suggests the following:

  • There are critics who have not personally witnessed an actual proper Healing Prayer session. The information they have was gathered via hearsay. They then form a response to what they think is going on in Healing Prayer. Whatever the event was that they describe, it was not the form of Healing Prayer ministry I promote.

  • Some critics do not cite sufficient portions of books written by proponents of Healing Prayer. They take one or more statements out of context and then form a criticism. I know this because I have read many of the same books they cite.

  • Some assume that to be involved in Healing Prayer is to be involved in Visualization, Regression Therapy or Psychology. This is evidence they have not done thorough, first-hand, experiential investigation, but have made assumptions on what they have heard.

  • Some present good arguments from Scripture but fail to understand that the Healing Prayer I advocate stands on and makes use of Scripture.

  • While there are failures in Healing Prayer, no critic has yet been able to explain what accounts for the successes. Those successes came through Healing Prayer after efforts of discipleship, teaching, preaching, and counseling failed to provide lasting results.

Is Healing Prayer Biblical? PART 3: RESOURCES

To simply give you a list of Biblical references will not answer the question, because you will not find the term, “Healing Prayer” in Scripture.

Also, it doesn’t make sense to me to write my own take on the Biblical accuracy of Healing Prayer because others have already well-answered this question.

Thus, my solution is to give you links to what I believe to be good responses to the question, Is Healing Prayer Biblical? Before I present you the links, please keep in mind three things:

  1. If you are already doubtful that Healing Prayer is Biblical, please keep an open mind and do read all the upcoming material provided in the links.

  2. In reading the material you may encounter the term, “Inner Healing” or other names for the process. Please do not focus on the title but rather evaluate the content.

  3. As with any ministry, there can be error and even wrongdoing by those practicing Healing Prayer. They may mean well but practice a distortion of proper Healing Ministry which is unbiblical. Preachers and teachers may have the gift and still deliver bad doctrine. Counselors can have the best intentions and give poor counsel. Well-meaning believers can pray in ways that are not in keeping with Biblical and theological truths, etc.


Healing Prayer is not Visualization, Regression Therapy or Psychotherapy; it is also not counseling. Critics are not always properly informed. They can confuse Healing Prayer with other processes that are called by different names and seem like Healing Prayer. I do not support or practice the other methods; I only support and practice Healing Prayer.

Links for Biblical References & Commentary

Begin with a careful study of not just these verses alone, but also the context of the passage in which the verses occur. Notice terms like “brokenhearted” “liberty” “free” “prison.”

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