How I Learned About Healing Prayer

In the early 90’s I had been a Christian counselor for several years. I managed to help many people, but with Christians who suffered childhood trauma—I often failed.

I also thought I was the only Christian counselor consistently failing with victims of childhood emotional trauma; I was wrong.

This is how I learned about Healing Prayer.

I eventually communicated with other counselors who were as equally puzzled as I; why couldn’t we help these people find lasting resolve?

With compassion and humility, we carefully listened & observed those who came to us for help. We heard confessions of sin and witnessed a genuine desire for change.

We applied prayer, Biblical knowledge, and suggestions for ongoing review & growth. That model worked for many struggling Christians. Unfortunately, for broken Christians—victims of childhood trauma—it often failed.

We did everything we knew to help adult Christians, who as a child, had suffered emotional trauma.

The trauma was the result of verbal, physical or sexual abuse, parent abandonment, neglect or divorce.

Many, if not most, of those issues, occurred within a home where one or both parents were also an alcoholic or drug addict.

Sadly, the majority of the people we tried to help went back to their broken ways, no matter what we did.

The “Not Enough” Solution

We concluded that their failure to overcome issues must have been due to faulty advice on our part.

We, as counselors, were somehow not knowledgeable enough or we didn’t pray enough or we were not gifted enough, etc.

Please note the “not enough.” In essence—we blamed ourselves.

Perhaps it was self-preservation and further failures that later led us to the conclusion prevalent amongst many church leaders—we blamed the counselee.

Don Mondell, CCLC

The answer to the counseling failures must be that those people did not pray enough or read their Bible enough or not attend church enough or they did not try hard enough, or they did not have faith enough, etc.

Once we expressed the “not enoughs” to the suffering saints before us, they assumed we were correct and they tried to…do more.

Then they continued to fail in not overcoming the issue(s) for which they first sought our help.

The “Work Harder” Solution

We responded with “add more” to your efforts—try harder—and many did, and they continued to fail in overcoming their issues. They became further frustrated and so did we.

One by one, each broken Christian disappeared only to be replaced by new childhood trauma victims. And…I tried harder.

Many times I prayed for the Lord to enlighten me as to why I could not help these adult children of trauma. I heard nothing.

I now believe the Lord did this because he knew I was not yet fully open-minded.

I had a body of knowledge, experience & spiritual gifts and I relied upon that more than he. To be fair, I wasn’t aware of the depth of my problem.

God simply waited until I exhausted everything I knew. Then, my new education began.

New Knowledge Needed

One after another, God brought me to a series of highly trained, experienced, and gifted Christian Ph.D. counselors and college professors. Each had come to their own frustration with counseling failures before eventually learning the concept of Healing Prayer.

Over the decades, I have had the fortune of their theoretical instruction & supervised practicum, as well as knowledge gained from a library of books I have collected on the subject.

Finally, my own practice & experience of leading broken Christians through Healing Prayer continues to inform me.


For years I had practiced Biblical counseling and was blessed to see much success in the lives of many people, except Christian adult children of trauma.

The childhood trauma victims were now in their 20’s to 70’s. Each had endured some form of abuse. The abuse was either verbal, sexual, physical or a combination. Many had also experienced parent abandonment, divorce or neglect. A majority also came from a home where alcoholism or drug addiction was present. Finally, most had overlapping histories such as an alcoholic father who sexually & verbally abused them, and the father & mother also divorced.

I thought I was the only Christian counselor who was failing to help adult children of trauma. I later found out there were many counselors who were equally puzzled.

Together, we all went through a phase of believing ourselves to be poor counselors. We then blamed our counselees. Neither was appropriate.

I was blessed to have the Lord lead me to a number of professors/professional counselors who effectively schooled me in what I now call Healing Prayer. This process has been successful for decades in helping Christian adult children of trauma.

It is fascinating to witness the unique process God uses to restore people to his original intention.

I am most grateful the Lord has allowed me to be part of the ministry of Healing Prayer.

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