Healing Prayer Appointments


My name is Don Mondell and I am a Christian of 40+ years, a Bible-based Christian counselor & Healing Prayer practitioner with over 30 years of experience. More about me…

My ministry has been primarily directed toward Christian adults who suffered childhood trauma such as physical, sexual, or verbal abuse and/or their parent’s alcoholism, drug addiction, harsh treatment, abandonment, neglect, or divorce. More about childhood trauma…

While the people who come to me are most certainly Christians, they also continue to struggle with issues such as addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and perfectionism. Those issues often then lead to failed relationships and other hardships. More about broken Christians…

For most of the people I have described, I recommend some measure of Biblical counseling and most definitely, Healing Prayer. More about Healing Prayer...


Healing Prayer is not the same as counseling. Counseling is what occurs when a troubled person shares information with a counselor who then tries to unravel issues and provide practical solutions. Healing Prayer is a spiritual & emotional experience more akin to deep meditation & prayer. It is led by a trained, well-experienced facilitator who is a mature Christian with a firm grasp of sacred Scripture.


The result of successful Healing Prayer is something most people declare as profound. The testimony of many has been that right after their salvation experience, Healing Prayer has been the next single pivotal event that began the most significant healthy change in their life. It is a simple ministry that can bring positive change in regard to emotional issues and continual negative, even sinful actions.


Please understand that it is normal for many people to experience fatigue following a Healing Prayer session. Fatigue occurs because you have been through a deeply personal, spiritual, and often emotional experience. It is common for our bodies and minds to crave rest thereafter.

For that reason, I suggest you do not plan a Healing Prayer session on a day when you have scheduled engagements immediately afterward. Many people find themselves in need of a nap after a Healing Prayer session. I suggest you allow your body and mind a period of relaxation following your Healing Prayer session.


If you desire, you may bring with you a support person. Keep in mind that personal & private details of your life may be disclosed during our session.

For that reason your support person should be somebody:

  • you trust
  • is encouraging to you
  • is a born-again believer in the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit, each one separately & equally God, and together the only God

Your support person can:

  • pray & worship–silently–during Healing Prayer–nothing more
  • take notes if they desire and you approve
  • bring water or beverage if desired

Your support person should not:

  • talk or move around during Healing Prayer

ADDENDUM (women)

As Christians, we recognize that we live in a fallen world. The damaging effects caused by the abuse propagated by men (Harvey Weinstein, Jeremy Epstein, etc.) against women, is something with which I am both keenly aware and deeply grieved. Indeed, I have spent the majority of my life specializing in ministry to the abused. I understand why a woman would be uncomfortable alone with a man, regardless of his occupation, with whom she has not had the opportunity to build trust.

For that reason, and because the Bible wisely states that we should avoid the appearance of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22) I will not meet alone with a woman. I take measures to ensure your privacy and confidentiality, however, my wife or an assistant will always be physically present nearby within the same building. They will not be privy to our conversation but they will be in another room and always available.


It is best if you are as physically comfortable as possible during your Healing Prayer session. This is to help you remain as free of distractions as possible.

Thus, I recommend you:

  • bring water or non-caffeine, non-sugared beverage
  • bring a sweater or clothing item in case you become cold
  • have a proper night’s rest before the day of your session
  • eat (preferably non-carbohydrates) before your session
  • wear comfortable clothing

You should not:

  • consume much sugar, white flour, or caffeine prior to your session
  • consume alcohol, stimulants, sedatives, or hallucinogens prior to your session

As I previously stated, you should allow ample time after your Healing Prayer session to be alone in a private, peaceful, rest-enabling environment. This may be a park, beach or even your bedroom.

The purpose is twofold:

  1. to allow God, if he chooses, to bring anything further to your attention
  2. for you to allow the Healing Prayer results to settle in your mind

I recommend you take with you a Bible, notepad & pen, and write down significant thoughts.


While most issues are resolved with one Healing Prayer session, there are times when more than one session is required. That is not because God cannot do all that is needed within one session; it is because we become too emotionally drained to continue. It is then wise to cease that session and plan for another at a later date. in those cases, one to two more sessions are usually all that is necessary. In the most extreme cases, six sessions is maximum.


I do look forward to our Healing Prayer ministry together. For decades, I have had the blessing to witness many people freed from lifelong suffering. I pray the same for you.