SoulCare Research Properties

Products & services listed on this page were originally developed by SoulCare Research and are now available exclusively through

Prior to 2017, SoulCare Research (SCR) developed biblical counseling products for professional use only. Professionals included: Christian counselors, chaplains, coaches, churches & caregivers. Each product was managed & made available via individual dedicated websites. In 2017, the mission of SCR changed to research only, and in 2018, to conserve financial & human costs, the individual product websites were retired. As of 2019, all former SoulCare Research products became the property of Don Mondell, SoulCare Research founder & former president. In 2019, revised versions of products were made ready for distribution. As of 2019, Don Mondell and is the sole product distributor. Products formerly available to professionals only are now offered directly to end-users. As of 2020, progress is underway to provide product access to full members of The products in preparation for members are the following:


PRAY uses a path of Biblical principles developed by SoulCare Research with the input of counselors & pastors and refined over decades of practical counseling experience. PRAY is a Bible-based process that interactively teaches suffering people a Christian meditation method for over 35 different problems. Simply put, PRAY helps people to rest their problems in God. 


HEARhelp allows anybody to use their smartphone, tablet or computer—anytime, anywhere—to hear exactly what the Bible says about their specific problem, such as anger, depression, anxiety, stress, marriage, etc. Available in NIV, NLT & KJV. 


HEARhelp Guides curriculum works in tandem with HEARhelp. Each guide corresponds to a matching HEARhelp topic. People listen to their specific topic, i.e. anxiety, and then work through the HEARhelp Guide for Anxiety. 


Christian Counselor Rx (CCRx) has been discontinued and is the predecessor to PRAY Christian Meditation Method. CCRx provided counselors with a massive DVD library of Bible-based tools & biblical meditation sessions for over 40 problem areas, such as addictions, grief, anger, etc.